The decision to separate from your spouse is emotionally and practically devastating enough. Now you have to make a lot of other important decisions and perhaps the most important is which option to use to get your divorce. This decision of which process to use when getting a divorce can make all the difference in how relatively easy or destructive the actual divorce will be on you, your spouse and your children for years to come.

Here Are The 4 Most Common Ways To Get A Divorce In Texas

Variations On The Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Appropriate for some simple divorces where there is little or nothing to lose if mistakes are made.Experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer | The Ashmore Law Firm


Where a neutral professional will help the two of you reach agreements on the issues without representing either one of you. Appropriate for some situations where both parties can be trusted to negotiate in good faith.

Collaborative Divorce

Where each party is represented by a separate attorney, but the attorney is not allowed to use the court process. Appropriate for some situations where each side wants to have an attorney represent them but does not want to go to court under any circumstances.

Legal Representation

Where each party is represented by a separate attorney and the attorney is allowed to use the court system when necessary. Appropriate when there is distrust of the other spouse, when there is a likelihood of disagreements that cannot be resolved without a judge, and when temporary or emergency court orders may be needed.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages and each may be appropriate for certain specific situations. While selecting the right process can make things easier, selecting the wrong process can make a difficult situation much worse. The lawyers at the Ashmore Law Firm can discuss each of the options with you and help you decide which one may be appropriate for you.

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