There are a few different ways that grandparents can attempt to gain rights to their grandchild in Texas.


In order to see the child, grandparents must have approval from one of the parents. If both parent’s object to visitation, the grandparents can petition the court for visitation rights.

Conservatorship (Custody)

If a grandparent has had possession of a child for at least six months, they can file suit within 90 days for possible conservatorship (custody) for the child or children.

Temporary Orders

Another way grandparents most frequently get standing to gain access to their grandchildren is through temporary orders. Sometimes when parents have problems with drugs, alcohol, or other issues, they need to temporarily leave their child or children with their parents. In instances like this, grandparents can file for temporary orders. Some Courts will allow temporary orders to last up to a year. Then assuming the parents become stable enough to care for their child or children, custody can be given back to the parents.

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