If you are facing divorce, among the first and most important decisions you need to make is the kind of help you need and who you hire to help you. Selecting the right process and the appropriate lawyer for your specific situation will protect your interest and can make things easier.  On the other hand, selecting a process that is not suitable for your specific situation, or hiring a lawyer who cannot or does not customize their service to your situation can needlessly complicate matters, raise the level of aggression and stress, and cause unnecessary harm to you and your children.
You have choices including mediation, collaborative divorce and legal representation by a lawyer and selecting the one that is appropriate for your unique situation will make all the difference in your divorce, your children’s lives and the next chapter of your life.Dallas Texas Divorce Lawyer | Texas Divorce Attorney | Divorce Law Firm

The staff and attorneys of our divorce law firm are experienced experts in mediation, collaborative divorce and legal representation and will begin by taking the time to understand your unique situation before recommending a solution that will serve your best interest.

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Hamid Naraghi
With over 25 years of experience, Hamid helps clients with complex Family Law cases in the Dallas, TX area.