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Expert Litigation Services for Complex Business Disputes

We specialize in handling complex civil litigation cases for a wide array of business-related disputes. Our seasoned team of litigators and trial attorneys leverages years of experience to deliver exceptional outcomes.

We offer comprehensive litigation support in the following areas:

Business and Corporate Litigation:

From shareholder disputes to partnership conflicts, our team effectively manages all aspects of corporate litigation to protect your interests and sustain your business operations.

Intellectual Property Litigation:

We safeguard your innovations and creative works by addressing all facets of IP litigation, including disputes over patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Contract Disputes:

Our attorneys are skilled in resolving disputes related to breach of contract, contract interpretation, and enforcement, ensuring your agreements are upheld and your rights are protected.


We maximize recovery and minimize losses in cases of insurance subrogation, working diligently to resolve claims and recover funds on behalf of insurers and insured parties. 

Business Landlord/Tenant Disputes:

Specializing in non-residential landlord/tenant issues, we handle lease disputes, evictions, and other related conflicts to support your commercial property interests.

Some Examples of Civil Case Litigation in Texas Could Include:

Tech Company Patent Infringement:

Defending a tech company in a high-stakes patent infringement case, securing a favorable verdict that protects innovative products and technologies.

Major Real Estate Lease Dispute Resolution:

Resolving a complex lease dispute for a large commercial property owner, resulting in a significant financial settlement in favor of the owner, ensuring continued profitable use of their property.

Corporate Merger Dispute:

Acting for a major corporation during a disputed merger process, navigating complex shareholder disputes and regulatory challenges to achieve a successful merger.

We are committed to providing strategic, personalized legal services that protect your business and advance your interests. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your legal needs in Texas.

If you need to speak to an experienced civil litigation attorney please contact us online or call our Dallas office directly at 214.559.7202. We help clients throughout the Dallas area with all of their legal needs and look forward to helping you.

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