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A Guardianship contest is considered as the time when you have to get the Court involved to ensure your loved one is protected. It can take many forms and can be named many things. Take a look at the following example questions below and depending on the answers, it may be time to consult with a Guardianship Attorney. 

  • Is the Power of Attorney using Mom’s money to pay for their own credit card?
  • Is the Guardian of the Person making proper decisions about the care of their Dad?
  • Is the Guardian of the Estate making sure the assets are being used solely for the benefit of Mom?

A Guardianship contest can include attempting to remove a Power of Attorney who is self-dealing or not properly handling their fiduciary responsibility, or fighting the appointment of a guardian because they are not suitable to be in charge of the assets or medical decisions of your loved one.  It can also include attempting to remove a Guardian that the Court has already appointed.  It is important to remember this is not an all-inclusive list and each situation is different. 

Are You Seeking To Contest A Guardianship In The Dallas Area?

If you need to speak with an experienced guardianship attorney about contesting a current guardianship please contact us online or call our Dallas office directly at 214.559.7202. We help clients throughout the Dallas area and look forward to helping you.

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