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In light of Governor Abbott's lifting of COVID-19 related restrictions on businesses in the statewide mask mandate, we have elected to continue our protocol of requiring masks in our office in order to protect our staff and clients. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns at 214-559-7202.


We strive to provide cost conscious collaboration among our team of attorneys to determine strategic options to meet your goals. 

As a client, you will benefit from over 134 years of combined legal experience. We stand for "Expertise, Experience & Excellence" that's not just part of our logo, it summarizes who we are. 

Expertise - Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal work while maintaining our uncompromising principles.  We are accountable to our clients.  We provide the expertise, but we see you as a partner in your own case. We will always answer your phone calls and keep you updated.

Experience - The attorneys at The Ashmore Law Firm have more than 134 years of combined legal experience.  Our firm was founded by former Probate Judge, Joseph E. Ashmore, Jr. and his son, Gary Ashmore. The firm employs a team of attorneys with backgrounds ranging from Probate, Estate Planning and Family Law to Personal Injury and Civil Litigation.

Excellence - At The Ashmore Law Firm, every client gets personal attention. We are committed to providing cost-effective services without compromising our clients' needs.  While we offer the same high-quality services as many larger firms, our firm is small enough that every client gets our personal attention.

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Is A Common Law Marriage Created Automatically After 6 Months?

A common law or informal marriage is recognized in Texas as a legal marriage. You do NOT need a marriage ceremony to be legally married in the State of Texas.

Do You Need the Guidance of an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Dallas, Texas?

If you are not sure if you are married to your partner, call our office at 214-559-7202 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

Where Should I Keep My Original Last Will and Testament & Other Important Estate Planning Documents?

We often get asked this question from our clients following the signing of their estate planning documents. We first start with where NOT to keep your Will. Do not keep your Will in a safe deposit box, especially if you’re the sole owner of the box. Here’s Why: In order to gain access to the box, the bank generally requires some type of order from the Court. An order from the Court not only causes a delay, but also adds an unnecessary expense for your loved ones.

Instead, we recommend that our clients keep their original Will in a fireproof lockbox or safe inside their home. Keeping the documents in a lockbox or safe will make them readily available. We also stress to our clients to give someone the information to get into the lockbox or safe so they can have access to the documents when needed, without added stress or delay. This can be someone such as your named executor or a trustworthy loved one.

Can a Prenuptial Agreement be Modified After Marriage?

After the date of your marriage, you can make new agreements, though not by amending your prenuptial (premarital) agreement.

It is best to sign a Premarital AND Postmarital Agreement?

Yes, a premarital agreement is the contract you enter into before you are married. A Postmarital Agreement is also signed by both you and your fiancé after you are married. A Postmarital Agreement reconfirms after the marriage all of the agreements you made in the Premarital Agreement. This eliminates the proverbial “I signed under duress”, or the typical, he or she “made” me do it.

What are Ancillary Documents?

Estate Planning does not only encompass death-time planning, but also incapacity during life. Ancillary documents are what we consider "incapacity planning" documents. If you got into a car accident and were not able to make your own medical and financial decisions, who would make them for you? The ancillary documents below give you the opportunity to list who you would like to step in your shoes if you were unable.

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