Getting a name change in Texas is not always easy. We can assist with marriage related name changes, adult name changes and minor name changes.

Marriage-Related Name Change

Name changes are typically done in a family court. Often times, they are coupled with a divorce because a divorce is the only time you can change your name back to a maiden or previous name without charge.

If a Name Change Is Marriage Related Bring One of the Following Documents to Your County DPS:

Marriage LicenseDallas Texas Name Change Lawyer | Name Change Attorney | Change Your Name Legally

Divorce decree: In a divorce proceeding, a party may request a name change from the court to a prior name in the final divorce decree.

Spouse’s Death Certificate

If you have recently been married and need to change your last name, please find our Newlywed Checklist and Newlywed Name Change Guide to help you navigate through the name change process. 

Adult Name Change

An adult desiring a name change can file a petition for name change in the county of their residence. If the court finds the name change to be in the best interest of the person and the public, it will then be granted.

If a Name Change is not Marriage Related, Bring One of the Following Documents to Your County DPS:

  • Certified Court Order
  • Amended Birth Certificate

A Name Change will not be granted for the following reasons:

  • Fraudulent intent (name change to avoid the law or creditors)
  • To interfere with the rights of others (to assume another person’s identity)
  • If your name will be intentionally confusing or equate to a racial slur

Minor Child Name Change

In order to change the name of a minor in the state of Texas, you will need to get a court order approving any name change. This can be a complicated process and we recommend hiring a lawyer to help you navigate through it.

Who Can File for a Minor Child  Name Change?

A parent, guardian or managing conservator is able to file for a name change in the minor’s county of residence.
If all parents, guardians & managing conservators do not agree on the name change, those parties need to be served with a notification of the name change.

Filing a minor child name change

You need to file the appropriate documents with the court and then schedule a hearing. At the hearing the judge will review the filed documents and any competing interest (length of time name has been used, parent-child relationship, etc.) If the name change is in the best interest of the minor, the court will then grant the name change.
Once the name change court order has been granted, you can use that order to change documents such as, Texas identification card, birth certificate and social security card.

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