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What is Probate?

Probate is a process that occurs after someone dies. It is the act of proving that a will was signed and executed in accordance with the legal requirements as set out in the state where it was signed. It is through probate that property is legally transferred from the estate of a person, known as the "decedent", to the rightful beneficiary. To determine who the rightful beneficiary is will depend on whether the decedent had a valid will.

When a loved one passes away there are two questions a qualified probate attorney should ask: 

1. Did the person die with or without a will?

The answer to this question will let the probate attorney know which process must be followed. Although many of the documents may be the same, it is a completely different process.

2. What are the assets of the estate? The answer to this question will let the probate attorney know whether probate is even necessary.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with the probate process. We understand probate law from all sides and strive to get the best result for our clients. 

Has A Loved One Passed Away And You Find Yourself In Need Of A Probate Attorney?

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