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This book asks some critical questions that can help you decide if your loved one needs a guardian, such as:

- Do you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia and is unable to make their own decisions?

Someone with Alzheimer's may need a guardian for several reasons:

  • Decision-Making Ability: As Alzheimer's progresses, the individual’s ability to make informed decisions deteriorates.
  • Financial Protection: To safeguard against financial exploitation and ensure bills and care costs are managed.
  • Medical Care: To make necessary healthcare decisions, ensuring appropriate treatment and care.
  • Living Arrangements: To manage living conditions, ensuring they are safe and meet the individual's needs.
  • Legal Representation: To provide legal representation in matters the individual can no longer manage.

- Do you know an elderly person who is susceptible to fraud and undue influence?   

An elderly person susceptible to fraud and undue influence may need a guardian for:

  • Financial Security: To protect their assets from scams and exploitative individuals.
  • Healthcare Decisions: To ensure their medical needs are met without external undue influence.
  • Legal Matters: To provide representation and make informed legal decisions on their behalf.
  • Living Arrangements: To secure safe and suitable living conditions.
  • Overall Well-being: To ensure their general welfare and quality of life are maintained.

- Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with a Mental Illness and is not always able to make their own decisions?

Someone diagnosed with Mental Illness may need a guardian for:

  • Decision-making support: They may struggle with making consistent, safe decisions.
  • Financial management: To help manage finances and protect from exploitation.
  • Healthcare advocacy: To ensure they receive proper medical treatment and care.
  • Personal safety: To protect them from self-harm or harmful situations.
  • Legal representation: To assist in legal matters where they may be vulnerable.

- Do you know of a minor child whose parents are recently deceased?

A minor child whose parents are recently deceased may need a guardian for:

  • Daily Care and Supervision: To provide them with day-to-day care and a stable environment.
  • Financial Management: To manage their inheritance or financial assets responsibly.
  • Healthcare Decisions: To make medical decisions and ensure they receive proper healthcare.
  • Educational Support: To oversee their education and school-related decisions.
  • Emotional Support: To offer guidance and emotional support during a challenging period.

- Do you know someone who is suffering from a medical or physical disability that has left them unable to care for themselves?

Someone with a severe medical or physical disability may need a guardian for:

  • Personal Care: To ensure they receive necessary daily care and assistance.
  • Medical Decisions: To make informed healthcare choices on their behalf.
  • Financial Management: To oversee their finances and ensure their needs are met.
  • Legal Matters: To represent them in legal situations they cannot manage.
  • Living Arrangements: To secure a safe and supportive living environment.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you know someone who may be in need of a Guardianship.

This book can help you navigate through the guardianship process. It also includes frequently asked questions, the step-by-step Guardianship process, alternatives to Guardianship, and how to hire an experienced Highland Park Guardianship attorney. 

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