Dallas Texas Divorce Lawyer The Ashmore Law FirmSome people say that the divorce rate is up because "divorce is too easy." However, the truth is, divorce is not easy. It was never intended to be. The reality is that divorce is a legal mine field.  Do you really want to navigate your way through a mine field with no representation or even incompetent representation? Or would you rather have a guide who knows where all the mines and traps are buried?

Divorce, like many other legal transactions, is a process shaped by rules and procedures. Step outside of the rules and procedures and you slow the process. Step outside of the rules and procedures and you may lose certain rights. Step outside of the rules and procedures and...BOOM! Another mine explodes.

Consider the very basics of what must be addressed in order to obtain a divorce in the State of Texas:

  • Grounds for divorce
  • Residency and domicile requirements
  • Filing of original petition for divorce with the district court
  • Standing orders
  • Temporary Orders, Temporary Restraining Orders, Protective Orders and
  • Temporary Injunctions
  • Pre-Marital or Post-Marital Agreements
  • Community property and Separate property
  • Community liabilities and Separate liabilities
  • Requests for Disclosure, Depositions, Interrogatories, and Production of Documents
  • Sworn Inventory and Appraisement Child custody and visitation; Child possession schedule
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Direct negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Law
  • Agreed Decree of Divorce
  • Decree of Divorce
  • Name change
  • Parental relocation
  • Income taxes

To  be  realistic,  the  list  of  the  factors to consider in a divorce can go on and on depending on the nature of the marital assets and liabilities, the complexity of the relationship between spouses and the level of disharmony that exists.

If your marriage is on the brink of dissolution, you must be willing to face the reality of all of these factors. But you do not have to do it alone. Forget about online solutions. Yes, they are cheap. Yes, they appear to be "easy." But, as we said earlier: Divorce is NOT easy. Divorce has been around long before the internet! There are issues and concerns that no "form document" generated by a website can properly and adequately handle for you.

Let one of our experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys help you navigate the mine field you may be about to enter. We have worked with hundreds of families and have seen many different cases.

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