Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Divorce Broken Heart  | Dallas Divorce Lawyer

Divorce cases have spiked 30% since the start of the pandemic. There are many factors contributing to this spike in divorces such as financial strain, cheating, and an increase in disputes among couples.

During the pandemic, almost the entire divorce process can be handled remotely. Courts have been utilizing video conferencing for hearings and trials and many mediators are handling mediation using video conference as well. With the proper procedures, pleadings and other documents can be sent to the court electronically as well.

Video conferencing and electronic communication with the courts have increased the speed and efficiency in which divorces can be handled so long as you have an attorney who knows how to navigate the court’s new procedures on your behalf. There is convenience in the fact that people do not have to take time off work to go to the courthouses right now.

Hamid Naraghi
25+ years experience in helping with complex Family Law cases : Dallas, Park Cities, & Highland Park, TX area.