Do I Need an Attorney Before I Settle a Personal Injury Case?

In certain instances, we do recommend you contact an attorney when settling a personal injury case. There are things that the insurance companies will not tell you about. For example, a potential client contacted us that had already settled their case, but it turned out that the insurance company failed to let them know that the settlement money was needed to pay the health insurance company first. They ended up with nothing from the settlement.

BUT, if you have a small injury case, you may not need an attorney. In fact, our office does not even accept cases where there’s little or no property damage and the injuries are minor. Why not? Because in the small cases, the attorney fees and costs might leave little or nothing for you after your medical bills are paid, and we don’t believe that would be fair to you. If your case is small and you would like to try to handle it yourself, with our advice, we may charge a small consulting fee and assist you, if that’s what you want. This may save you thousands!

No matter how big or small you think your injury case is, a qualified personal injury attorney can help you figure out the correct way to handle it. Please call our office at 214.559.7202 for additional information. There is no charge for a consultation and we generally work on accident and injury claims on a contingent fee basis.


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