Free Wills for Breast Cancer Survivors


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To celebrate and honor breast cancer survivors, and show support for breast cancer fighters, The Ashmore Law Firm in Dallas will provide free basic wills for breast cancer survivors and patients. This initiative, Will to Survive, runs through the month of October.

"We know the fight against breast cancer is not easily won. We want to provide cancer patients and survivors the peace of mind they need as they go through this difficult time," said Lori Ashmore-Peters at The Ashmore Law Firm. "To show our support for individuals currently facing a breast cancer diagnosis, and in honor of those who have survived a fight with breast cancer, we are providing this free legal service to breast cancer fighters and survivors."

A "Will" and testament is a legal declaration of how an individual would like his or her property to be dispersed after death. Breast cancer affects women of all ages, and many women, especially younger women, have not taken the time to have a Will prepared. Doing so will provide the peace of mind needed to know one’s family will be taken care of no matter what happens.

"Getting a Will is so important. Making sure that you have everything protected -- no matter how much or how little you have -- everyone has something they can leave to their loved ones," said Vanita Budhrani Parker, a breast cancer survivor who received a free Will from The Ashmore Law Firm. "What better time than the month of October to come to The Ashmore Law Firm to get a free Will."

During the month of October, breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors are invited to contact us to get more information about our Will to Survive Campaign.




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