What to Document Instead In Your Dallas Divorce

Communication Records: Keep a log of all communication with your ex, especially if it's hostile or threatening.

Financial Transactions: Document any unusual spending or financial discrepancies that might arise during the divorce process.

Child Custody Interactions: Note any instances where your ex fails to adhere to custody agreements or engages in behavior that could impact the children's well-being.

Witness Testimonies: If others witness concerning behavior from your ex, gather their testimonies to support your case.

Legal Consultations: Keep records of all meetings and correspondence with your attorney to ensure you're adequately prepared for each step of the divorce proceedings.

Remember, divorce court isn't a comedy club, even if the proceedings sometimes feel like a farce. By avoiding certain pitfalls and documenting relevant information, you can navigate the process with grace and hopefully emerge on the other side with your sanity intact. Good luck, and may the judge be ever in your favor!

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