Legal divorce is where you want to refrain from listening to your friends or family members. As well-intentioned as they may be, the information and advice they provide is often not accurate and will only add to your emotional instability as you try to make the best objective choices possible. In legal divorce, you will need to be as calm and objective as possible and keep your emotions from affecting the choices you make. Your friends and family members, as important as they may be to your real divorce, are not qualified to help with the legal divorce and to allow their advice to influence your decisions will only complicate the practical choices you will need to make.

The lawyers at the Ashmore Law Firm are here to help you through your legal divorce. They will use their expert knowledge, their years of experience and the wisdom they have acquired helping hundreds of people just like you.They will get to know you, your specific situation, and they will inform and guide you through the entire process so your legal interests and the interests of your children will be well-protected.

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Hamid Naraghi
With over 25 years of experience, Hamid helps clients with complex Family Law cases in the Dallas, TX area.
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