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Lucille came to our firm after her husband Frank died

She was devastated about her loss and hired our firm to probate his estate. She felt overwhelmed not knowing what steps to take, but she knew she needed our help. Just doing everyday things was difficult for her to accomplish, and she knew she couldn’t handle the probate process without some guidance.

Frank had created a Will, which she brought for our review. Our firm reviewed her husband’s Will to make sure it met all of the requirements under Texas law and to determine which type of probate to file.

In Frank’s estate, there were several rental properties, as well as some debt owed to his creditors. We went ahead and filed the Will for Probate.

Lucille had to attend only one court hearing to validate the Will, which appointed her as independent executor (to collect the assets of the estate) and Letters Testamentary (a document that gives the executor the authority to collect the assets of the estate) were issued immediately by the Court. Then the creditors were properly noticed and the last step was the filing of the Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims which listed the assets of the estate as of the date of death. Once the probate process was completed we were able to transfer all of the rental properties into Lucille’s name by preparing executor’s deeds (a document transferring real estate to the beneficiary named in the Will).

We were able to take out the sting during the probate process and help give Lucille peace of mind. What could have been a rough and difficult time for Lucille became a time of peace and comfort with the help of our firm. Not only that, the whole probate process took a total of 45 days to complete from start to finish.

Some people think that all they need to do for a Will is write their Last Will and Testament, plant it somewhere, and bingo! It is a valid document. That is not exactly the way it goes. There are proper procedures that must take place for it to be a valid Will.

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