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When it comes to divorce, people seem to have a lot of misconceptions. 

The 6 Most Common Divorce Myths

1. Myth: I will easily get more than 50 percent of the marital property in my divorce.

Fact: You will not automatically receive half of the marital property, as there are many factors that are taken into consideration when splitting assets.

2. Myth: My spouse will have to pay for our children’s college.

Fact: Your spouse is not necessarily obligated to pay such expenses as your children’s tuition. It is an issue that would need to be discussed with an attorney.

3. Myth: I purchased property in my name only during the marriage; therefore that property solely belongs to me.

Fact: Just because you acquired property in your name, doesn’t mean that it is off limits from your spouse.

4. Myth: We were married over 10 years, so I should receive spousal support (a.k.a. alimony) for the rest of my life.

Fact: There are many things that are considered before awarding spousal support and it is generally only granted for a short period of time.

5. Myth: I will get a much better deal if I let the judge decide.

Fact: A judge is going to split the property based on what is considered just and fair, but that doesn’t mean you will think it’s just and fair!

6. Myth: My spouse cheated on me, so I should get everything I want in the divorce.

Fact: While the unfaithfulness of a spouse will be taken into consideration, it doesn’t mean that you will get everything.

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