No Pay, No Play

Posted on Sep 06, 2016

Child Support and Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration Sticker TexasNew child support laws in Texas are putting some pretty strict requirements on people who pay child support, or rather, people who don’t pay their child support. Specifically, a new Texas Family Code provision allows the State of Texas to put a vehicle registration hold on those who don’t timely pay their child support obligation. Furthermore, a person’s driver’s license can also be suspended who falls behind on child support by more than three months.

Proponents of this law say that this is good. There are finally some teeth to the child support laws that will affect someone’s day to day life if they refuse to take care of their obligations. Opponents say that this will have some adverse side effects, such as limiting transportation for obligors to and from work. However, one thing is clear: Texas is taking the time to send a message that if you don’t pay your court ordered child support, there are some serious, immediate consequences.

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