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Have you ever been in a car wreck? A car accident can be a stressful and chaotic event.

Knowing what to do BEFORE you get into a wreck can help save you precious time and money. Our checklist below explains what to do before AND after you get into a car accident. you get in a car wreck

Road hazards, emergency contact information, and first aid kits may be crucial to keep in your vehicle in the event you’re in a collision.

Have documentation

Most of us have our insurance policies in an app on our phone but after a collision, we may not remember passwords or our phone may be broken by the collision. Keep a current paper copy of your insurance card in your glove box at all times. Also, make sure you’re always driving with your drivers license on you.

Make sure you’re covered

Check your auto insurance policy to make sure you are covered in the event you’re injured or hit by an uninsured or underinsured if you get in a Dallas car wreck.

Stay Calm

Take a breath and make sure you and your passengers are okay. Your safety is most important.

Turn on your hazard lights

If your car is safe to drive and is causing a hazard where it is, find a safe place to pull over. In some instances where your vehicle is inoperable in a high-traffic area, it may be safer to remain in your vehicle until the police arrive to avoid being struck by oncoming traffic.

Call 911

If anyone is hurt you may need an ambulance, tow truck, help slowing oncoming traffic, assistance with an angry or impaired driver, and you may need a police report for insurance purposes.

Get the other drivers information  

You will want a copy of their drivers license and insurance information.

Get witness information

If anyone else pulled over as a witness or was in the vehicle with the other driver, get their full name, address, and phone number so your insurance and police can contact them.

Know your facts

Take a look at where you are and make note of the location of the collision and how it occurred. You may discuss this with your insurance company and the police but do not discuss this information with the other driver.

Take photos

Take photos of the other vehicle’s damage, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle color, and license plate as well as your own.

Get a police report number

If the police responded, you will need a service or report number from the officer on the scene to request your police report later.

Report the collision

You will want to notify your insurance company of the collision as soon as possible. Most insurance policies require immediate reporting or you may not be covered.

Treat for any injuries

Seek treatment immediately for your injuries and contact a personal injury attorney if you were injured.  Knowing your rights in regard to an injury is crucial to making sure you get proper payment from the insurance company.

Have You Been Injured In A Dallas Area Car Accident?

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