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The summer possession schedule for parents who reside over 100 miles from each other is different from the schedule for parents who reside within 100 miles of each other. Family Law Attorney, Cassidy Pearson discusses the child possession schedule for parties who live over 100 miles from each other. 

Living Over 100 Miles

If the parties reside over 100 miles from each other and if the possessory conservator gives the managing conservator notice by April 1st, they can receive an extra 42 days during the summer. That time can be exercised in no more than 2 separate periods that last at least 7 days each.

Weekends for the Managing Conservator

The managing conservator can take two weekends during the possessory conservator's time as long as they give notice by April 15th and as long as the possession period is over 30 days. If the possession period is less than 30 days, the managing conservator can only take one weekend.   

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