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Name changes are typically done in the family court. It is often time coupled with a divorce, in that in a divorce, it’s your one opportunity to change your name back to your maiden name or a previous name without being charged for it. If you don’t do it in your divorce decree, then it would be what’s called an “adult name change.” It may cost anywhere between several hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars. You have to go to court; you have to explain that you’re not changing your name to try to fraud creditors; and you would ask that your adult name be changed through a separate court order.

A lot of things people don’t know about: if your child is under the age of one year, you can change their name at any time without having to go to court. That’s about the only time you can change a child’s name (between birth and the age of one year) without going to court, you would just file the appropriate documents with the state of Texas.

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