Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about child custody? Do you need to know more about the child custody process? Are you unsure if you need a lawyer?

The Ashmore Law Firm, PC provides the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about child custody and ways to help you navigate through the process. Please select a category to narrow your search.

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  • Can I get full custody of my child in Texas?

    There is no such thing as full custody in Texas. Parents are presumed to be “joint managing conservators of the child” and share in the decision making.

    However, if there are issues of substance abuse, child neglect, or family violence, the Court can appoint one parent as “sole managing conservator” which technically means this person will make the majority of the decisions on behalf of the child.

    Oftentimes, there will be a “primary” parent, who has the children the majority of the time and then the other parent will often have the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends of the month.

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  • My ex-husband has custody of our children, but my circumstances have changed. How can I seek custody?

    There are many variables that come into play with child custody matters. If you are wanting to seek custody, there is an option to petition the court system to re-examine the prior custody order in effect. You can also ask for a determination of whether it is in the best interest of the child or children to modify the custody agreement.