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When a loved one passes away, it is not only a stressful time but also a time that can be chaotic, problematic, and emotional. It is imperative that you are thinking clearly and know the right things to do when a loved one dies.

A death certificate is an important document that must be completed and signed by a medical examiner, county coroner, or attending physician.  If your loved one passes away while in a hospice, a professional registered nurse employed by the hospice may also sign it.         

The death certificate is filed by the funeral home with a local registrar or county recorder and transmitted to the vital records registration system for recording in the state’s official records.  Certified copies of the death certificate can be obtained after the death certificate has been filed and recorded with the local registrar.  The certified copy must display a stamped official seal. 

Once the death certificate is available, it is important to have at least 5 to 10 certified copies made. 

Copies of the death certificate will have to be provided to prove your loved one is deceased.  A certified copy will need to be sent to all insurance companies in order to process claims and collect the insurance money if there are policies.  In many cases, it is the insurance money that will help pay for the funeral and burial.

To request a death certificate in Dallas, you can go to the Dallas County Website.

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