9 Common Myths About Premarital Agreements

Oftentimes people have the wrong impression regarding Premarital Agreements.

Take a look at the following most common myths:
1.     Premarital Agreements are only for wealthy - No!
2.     Premarital Agreements are unromantic and only contemplate Divorce - No!
3.     Premarital Agreements show lack of trust - No!
4.     Premarital Agreements are not enforced in Court - No!
5.     Premarital Agreements are only for Men - No!
6.     Premarital Agreements are expensive - No!
7.     Premarital Agreements are for only those people who do not really want to get married - No!
8.     Premarital Agreements are only helpful if you get Divorced - No!
9.     Premarital Agreements must deal with every issue that can come up in Divorce - No!
A Premarital Agreement can benefit just about everyone.  Discussing with your partner future financial plans and expectations can actually strengthen your relationship which is better than expecting love will take care of everything.
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