It is difficult to condense the experience we had with the Ashmore Law Firm into a few words. The Ashmore’s have been a family friend and legal counsel to our parents and as a result, are the first choice when we needed council for us. No one wants to face their death and making a Will is a responsible part of that event especially if there are children involved.

We purchased the Will services at the St. Thomas Aquinas auction and we were so happy that we did. We had been thinking about making a Will but did not want to confront our own mortality to do so. As we started the process we were overwhelmed with the requirements and decisions that we had to make. The patience and understanding we received along the way to completing our Will from the Ashmore Law Firm was beyond exceptional. Not once were we made to feel uneducated or unimportant. Each question was responded to in a timely, caring, and intelligent manner.

We took a long time to make our decisions and we never felt pushed to do so. In the end, we were very pleased to finally have a Will that stated our opinions and needs. We hope in the future we may never need legal counsel but will certainly call the Ashmore’s and recommend them to others if the need arises.

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