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Are you thinking about contesting a Will in Texas?

You may only have one chance to prevent someone from taking assets that belong to you!

Consider these points:

Valid Grounds for Contest:

Ensure you have a legitimate reason for contesting the Will, such as undue influence, fraud, or incapacity.

Time is of the Essence:

In Texas, you typically have a limited period after the Will has been admitted to probate to file a contest, so act promptly.

Potential to Invalidate Entire Will:

Understand that contesting a Will could result in the entire document being invalidated, not just the parts you disagree with.

Requirement for Standing:

You must have standing, meaning a direct financial interest affected by the Will’s terms, to initiate a contest.

Consider Mediation:

Before engaging in a lengthy legal battle, consider mediation with other parties to reach a settlement.

Impact on Family Relationships:

Contesting a Will can lead to strained or broken family relationships, so weigh this factor carefully.

Legal and Financial Costs:

Be prepared for the potential legal and financial costs associated with a Will contest, which can be substantial.

Alternative Solutions:

Investigate if there are other, less confrontational ways to resolve your concerns about the estate distribution.

Remember, contesting a Will is a significant legal action that should not be taken lightly. Consult with an experienced attorney to understand your rights and the likelihood of success. A good place to start is requesting our informational booklet on Will contest and probate lit

Learn more about the Will contest process by requesting this short and easy-to-read complimentary report.


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