Are you considering a divorce or have you already filed paperwork to start the process? If so you're likely very concerned about not only your children's mental, emotional and physical well-being, but also live with a daily fear that there is the possibility of child custody being granted to the other parent. You're not alone in these concerns. In fact, many parents don't consider divorce an option simply due to the potential of child custody not going they way it should.

Help is available. 

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"In a divorce, often the well-being of the children can be forgotten due to Dad and Mom fighting about money, love, and other very painful subjects. This can be a very stressful time for all parties involved—‚Äčand especially difficult on your children. Choosing a child custody attorney who will make certain your children's best interests are kept front and center throughout the entire process is critical to moving forward for everyone involved. I have been helping parents and children through this emotionally complicated journey since 1995, always placing an emphasis on what is best for both parents and children ."

-Attorney Gary Ashmore

How Does The Ashmore Law Firm  Help Parents Get The Child Custody Plan They Rightfully Deserve?

Our child custody lawyers understand all of the emotions and intangibles that circle well-intended parents during the course of a divorce. It's been our experience as a child custody law firm that most clients fear what steps the other parent will take in order to gain custody of the children and feel compelled to hire a family law attorney to create a strategic defense to thwart their efforts. Yes, our child custody lawyers do help to divorce families in that area, but a sound child custody plan needs to put the children first and includes so much more. 

Our Dallas Child Custody Lawyers Negotiate On Your Behalf 

To say it's difficult for parents to negotiate with each other during a child custody case is a huge understatement. Our child custody attorneys understand how to speak with the other side in a level-headed, unbiased manner advocating for what is in the child's best interests. Unemotional negotiation is a skill that can actually help you get the best results possible in your child custody case.

Manage Paperwork And Understands The Importance Of Deadlines In A Child Custody Case

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of paperwork involved in a child custody case. With that paperwork comes court ordered deadlines. Our experienced child custody lawyers ensure your paperwork is correct and submitted to the court on time.

Handle Complex Dallas Child Custody Legal Obstacles

Not all child custody cases are the same. The child custody legal team of The Ashmore Law Firm understands the intricacies of each case, including international and interstate child custody, paternity issues, as well as the creation of a fair visitation schedule keeping everyone's best interests in mind

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Dallas Child Custody Attorney?

The most common question our child custody lawyers are asked is "how much does it cost to hire an attorney?", which is a huge consideration during a divorce. We are proud to provide affordable child custody representation and will be happy to discuss with you during your free consultation. The more important question that divorcing parents should ask in regards to child custody representation is "can I afford to not hire a child custody attorney", which could be a life-altering mistake.

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