Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation is defined as two people living together as if they are married.

In Texas, when a man and women agree to be married, live together as husband and wife and represent to others they are married, they are common law married. In situations where a couple lives together, problems and confusion can arise whether or not a couple intends to be married. Third parties might assume a couple is married or sometimes one partner may consider the relationship as a common law marriage. When situations like these happen, a cohabitation agreement can be helpful.

A cohabitation agreement is a legal agreement reached between a couple that has chosen to live together. This agreement can specify how the following things are to be distributed in the event the relationship ends:

  • Property, 
  • Assets,
  • Income,
  • Debt,
  • Etc. 

A couple is able to include spousal support stipulations and life insurance policy information in the agreement. Also, if a couple decides to get married, the information in their cohabitation agreement can be included in their premarital agreement.

Additionally, a couple should consider implementing estate planning documents such as, a power of attorney and a HIPAA authorization to ensure that their significant other will be able to make medical and financial decisions in the event something happens to them.

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