Probate is the act of proving that a Will was signed and executed in accordance with the legal requirements as set out in the State where it was signed. It is through probate that property is legally transferred from the estate of a person, known as the "decedent", to the rightful beneficiary. To determine who the rightful beneficiary is will depend on whether the decedent had a valid Will.

Probate will:

1. Ensure that the accounts are settled and stop creditors from attempting to collect if there are no monies. 

2. Ensure that the title of any of the decedent's assets such as property and real estate would be transferred to the beneficiaries. 

Seeking the advice of an attorney who specializes in probate law will help you determine what is best for the estate. If your loved one's property and assets must go through the probate process, nothing is to be feared. The attorney you select to represent the estate will guide you through the necessary steps. This will take the pressure off of you.

Our free book, Who is in Charge After You Die? gives additional information on understanding probate.

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