Do I Really Need a Will? The Story of John and Mary


Let’s take a look at a couple, John and Mary Smith, and see how their possessions and property make up an estate:

John and Mary Smith had been married ten years. They owned a home in Austin, Texas. Their home was located on two acres, with room to have a mobile home on the property. Both John and Mary loved to collect artwork and antiques.

John had been employed for the first five years of their marriage, then decided to open his own franchise business. During that time, the couple set up different retirement accounts and were able to save their money and invest in various things. They both had life insurance policies, should anything happen to them to protect their family.

John and Mary Smith present an example of two people who have created an estate for their family that needs to be protected should something happen. They worked hard to get to this point in their lives and didn’t want to lose what they had built. They needed to protect their assets, which means they needed to put a proper estate plan in place.

Does John and Mary’s story sound similar to yours? If it does and you don’t have the suitable estate plan, now is the time to meet with a qualified estate planning attorney. Contact us for a free consultation.

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