Who Do You Trust to Do the Right Thing?

The most important person you can choose to handle your affairs after your death is an Independent Executor. During this Google+ Hangout we will discuss the duties of an Independent Executor.

You’ve been appointed an Independent Executor…what now?

The Court has appointed you to a position of great expectation. As an Independent Executor, you hold a significant amount of responsibility. It’s important to contact a qualified attorney to guide you through this process.

What is an Independent Executor?

An Executor is considered independent if the decedent died without a Will or if the decedent left a Will that specifically states that his Executor should be independent. When the Executor is independent, they are not dependent upon the Court for oversight and approval of all actions.

General Duties

1. Collect all assets;

2. Pay off any debts;

3. Distribute the estate assets according to the Will or according to Texas law.

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