Annual Exclusion Gift Tax

When a potential estate planning client comes into our office we first compile a list of their assets. Depending on the worth of the assets, we need to consider if there are going to be tax issues. The 2015 estate tax amount is $5.43 million. This means that if an estate is larger than $5.43 million, there will be tax issues. There are variety of estate planning vehicles available to deal with estate tax issues.

The annual exclusion gift is one of those vehicles. This year (2015) the annual exclusion gift tax is $14,000. This means that a person is able to give $14,000 to anyone they choose without having to pay a gift tax. This is a way to get money out of an estate without being required to file a gift tax.

Our 2015 Estate, Gift & Generation-Skipping Tax Exemptions & Rates Chart gives additional information about estate taxes.