Frisco man faces trial for warning drivers of a speed trap

Posted on Jan 21, 2014

A Frisco man named Ron Martin was arrested for standing in the center median of the six-lane roadway, holding up a sign that read "Police Ahead".  This incident happended last October and he now faces trial for violating the city's sign ordinance, which says the person holding a sign has to be on private property. Mr. Martin made his first court appearance last week. He argues he has a First Amendment right to warn drivers of a police speed trap

We read this article and found it quite interesting. We would have to agree with the Frisco police on this issue. Would you like to know why?

First the guarantee of freedom of speech in the constitution is such an important right. However there is a time and place for speech. The median of a highway during rush hour traffic is not the right time or the right place to exercise your right to free speech. This action instead creates a diversion to the drivers on the road who are now at an increased risk of having a wreck attempting to see what the sign says or why someone is standing in the median waving a sign. This action exposes the public did needless danger. This is the policy and purpose behind the ordinance which should be upheld.


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