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This blog, which is regularly updated by our probate attorneys, strives to keep our clients & potential clients informed, engaged, & connected to the latest news, trends, & current events. 

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  • Tom Petty’s Estate Battle Continues Tom Petty's widow and daughters are in a Court battle to decided who gets to make decisions regarding his music catalog.
  • Mattress Money An article about federal officials uncovering $20 million in cash under a mattress got me thinking about the various places we've seen people hide money.
  • Will Contests & Probate Litigation Have you been wrongfully excluded from your inheritance? You may only have one chance to prevent someone from taking the assets that belong to you. Let us help!
  • Organ Donation: What to do When a Loved One Dies Find out if your loved one is an organ donor, who to notify if their organs are to be donated and steps to take to ensure their organs can be donated.
  • The Duties of an Independent Executor An Independent Executor holds a significant amount of responsibility. This article will help explain the duties & steps to take if your are appointed.
  • Obtaining a Death Certificate A death certificate's provided to prove your loved one is deceased. A certified copy needs to be sent to all insurance companies in order to collect.
  • What is Probate and Is It Neeed? After a loved one passes away we recommend speaking with a qualified probate attorney to see if probate is necessary.