Robin Williams Dies from Apparent Suicide

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

It was such a shock and completely heartbreaking when I heard of the news of the passing of Robin Williams. May he rest in peace and our prayers will be with his family.  It is never easy to lose a loved one, but if the information is correct, and he took his own life it feels somehow harder to make sense of it.  It is because of this, it is with great sadness I write this article.

Severe depression is nothing to be taken lightly. As we have seen time and time again this illness doesn't just happen to those who go unnoticed. It can happen to anyone, even those who seem to have it all.  This illness is very real.  It is a mental illness.  No one is in any position to tell a person to "just get over it” and “move on, it really isn't that bad."  Unless you have ever experienced this illness personally, or have had a loved one who has lived with this illness, you have no idea what one goes through and feels.

If you know someone who may be suffering with this illness and you are afraid they may harm themselves, our article, What to do When a Loved One Suffers from a Mental Illness, might be helpful. This article will help guide you through the process of getting a loved one to a psychiatric facility, even if it is against their will.  With this process you must also understand that you can only do what you are able to do.  As much as you may want to, you can't lock a person up indefinitely or never let them out of your sight.  All you can do is use the resources available to you and love them.

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