Ashmore Law Firm: Free Estate Planning to “Children” 18-22

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Imagine receiving a phone call telling you that your child away at college has been involved in an accident.  You rush to the hospital only to be told that your child is still alive but has not regained consciousness and may not for hours, days, or even months. 

You wonder what to do with your child’s apartment lease, bank account, car, and even their medical decisions. But because your child is 18 and considered an adult, you have no legal rights. You are unable to see their medical records, to relocate them to another hospital, to break their lease, access their bank accounts, etc.  

In order to have these rights, you are forced to hire an attorney and get the court involved.  It is the court that will tell you who is best suited to make decisions on behalf of your child. 

This is a costly and lengthy process that could have been avoided if you had the proper estate planning documents in place.

Because we see this situation happen TOO many times, The Ashmore Law Firm is offering these essential estate planning documents for FREE through August 15, 2015. Fill out our contact form to advantage of this free offer.